Why Keller Williams?

The History of Keller Williams Realty:

Keller Williams Realty was founded by Gary Keller and Joe Williams in 1983 in Austin, Texas. Originating from the idea that real estate is a local business, driven by individual agents and their presence within their communities, Keller Williams gives its agents and associates the freedom to make their own personal brand with the guidance of the company. With more than 112,000 associates, Keller Williams is determined to help you build your own legacy and business, with the help of our staff and astonishing resources.

Keller Williams’ Distinguished Training and Coaching:

Keller Williams is determined to educate and prepare their associates to the best of their ability. Keller Williams has designed KW University which gives associates and agents access to more than 60 courses that are easily downloadable from the company’s website. Courses like Ignite, Lead Generation 36:12:3, Win with Buyers Win with Sellers, and Leadership Motivation are offered to our associates as tools to help them grow and learn. “All of our training and coaching is developed by studying and modeling the behaviors of our most successful leaders. And, because our top agents are continually learning from each other and improving on ideas, our training is constantly improving. Keller Williams believes that before our associates and agents can succeed we first need to help prepare them for anything that might come their way with our resources and direction.

Reasons why Keller Williams is so Successful:

  1. Best possible commission structure.
  2. Treat agents like business partners.
  3. Profit share with access to financial information.
  4. Formalize input through the ALC
  5. Supportive management that consults and promotes teamwork.
  6. Highest level of training.

Keller William’s Special Approach at Marketing and Technology:

Keller Williams is held under the belief that we’re a brand that stands behind our agents, not in front of them. With that being said Keller Williams provides its agents with a multitude of different resources and help which ensures their own personal success aside from that of the company. With help from the Keller Williams Mobile App, the KW Listing System, and KW Support, the company gives its agents a slew of opportunities to get help and stay heavily connected. We provide unique, fully customizable marketing campaigns to power your lead generation efforts. And it’s all based on the proven models from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Keller Williams main priority is to ensure its agents and associates have access to all of the best resources to ensure their own personal profit and progress

Keller Williams Unique and Lively Culture:

At Keller Williams we pride ourselves on the unique culture and ambiance we are able to offer and provide our agents and associates with. We believe that how high we go as a company will be determined by how high we lift our people. At Keller Williams, we value god, family and then business. This hierarchy influences everything we do as a company and has created the culture that you see today. The people who work within Keller Williams and the overall environment are what influence the positive minds that work at this company. Here at Keller Williams Premier Realty the belief that character builds culture is the backbone of our company and expectation.

Programs that Benefit our Employees:

At Keller Williams we provide our employees with several key programs that have the ability to truly guide and educate our staff, while still being extremely amusing and inventive. These programs are designed so our employees can learn from one another and the community around them. Some of our specialized programs include:

  1. Keller Williams Kids Care: This is a nonprofit that is committed to providing Keller Williams associates children with learning experiences that inspire big thinking, promote wealth building, and instill a passion for generous giving.
  2. Cultural Summit: Every year two new icons are selected by each region with the hope that this continually increasing group of leaders will support the Keller Williams culture in the market centers as we grow as a company.
  3. Keller Williams Realty’s Family Reunions/ Inspirational Brunch: Four-Day company wide annual convention which prepares real-estate agents for mastering the current market with more than 100 breakout sessions taught by the best in the business. This weekend long event is designed to celebrate the company’s culture and the people who make it so special.
  4. Mega Camp’s Party with a Purpose: This program gives our employees the ability to mix and mingle with others in their field while supporting a special cause.
  5. Wellness Day: An event that is observed to mark our concerted efforts to incorporate wellness and fitness into our busy lives. Keller Williams is committed to creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle for all of its employees. There might be one day designated to this but it’s a year long program.
  6. Red Day: (Renew, Energize, and Donate) This is Keller Williams annual, company-wide day of community service.

Wealth Building:

The Keller Williams Realty wealth building models are designed to reward associates for building up the company, while noticing and commending them for their own successes. The wealth building platform now includes growth share, a program which oversees international franchisees reward associates who help the company grow across the globe, like a profit share. These programs allow any Keller Williams Realty associate, affiliate broker, or employee the opportunity to participate in the business they help generate without assuming any financial risks.


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